Summer: Still in a gray area…

No updates lately due to not a whole lot changing. Plus summer starting and suddenly being very, very busy. Plus being generally sick of analyzing my drinking habits. So when I left off nearly two months ago, I had no PLAN other than being more mindful about alcohol and trying to say no more. HappyContinue reading “Summer: Still in a gray area…”

What was your “get sober” plan?

So here I sit going into my second alcohol free weekend of May, the month I’m convinced I will finally drink less than ever and feel great about it. But I don’t have a PLAN. I have tried lots of Plans. No drinking for a month, no drinking for 100 days, drinking only once perContinue reading “What was your “get sober” plan?”

I can’t handle this haircut with a hangover…

“Say goodbye to yesterday, soon we will be free. Say goodbye to yesterday, say goodbye to me. Saturday night I got loaded. I guess that’s not surprising to you. Saturday night is here again, what am I to do? Say goodbye to my old life, hello to the new. I’m always starting over, ’cause thatContinue reading “I can’t handle this haircut with a hangover…”

Feb. Drinking Recap

Writing my recap before the month is over because I’ve already promised myself I won’t drink for the rest of the month. I drank alcohol on 7 days in February. Probably 5 of those days I regret. Thoughts about the month: Hubs has abandoned all “abstaining from alcohol” plans. I don’t blame him, we wereContinue reading “Feb. Drinking Recap”

“Dry” Dec / Jan Recap

Writing mostly to keep myself accountable. It really is interesting and enlightening to look back on how the attempts to abstain from alcohol have unfolded, how my thought patterns change. In December I drank on 3 days. One was fun, one was the day after the first day because I was very stressed and hadContinue reading ““Dry” Dec / Jan Recap”

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