Another sober “weekend”….

… that is, if you count the weekend as only Friday and Saturday nights. I was SUPER proud of us on Saturday night. It was all the conditions we’d normally drink – no kids, feeling bored and blah, bummed we can’t go out because we don’t want to catch fucking Omicron before x-mas. We’re notContinue reading “Another sober “weekend”….”

You win some, and lose some…

(Arguments with the Booze Bitch, that is) Last night we were going to decorate the tree. Kids were bickering and being obnoxious. Hubs was both annoyed by them, AND wanting to celebrate news about a year end bonus, AND hinting around at drinking “omg where is the beer?”. AND I was starting to write x-masContinue reading “You win some, and lose some…”

One Month Alcohol Free – Day 29 (minus 2…)

We completed our FOURTH alcohol free weekend in a row this past weekend. Saturday night, no kids, not ridiculously fun but we took care of some financial to do items, finalized x-mas lists, and watched some tv. (Normally we’d have done exactly the same thing but with alcohol). Sunday my sister had a housewarming dinnerContinue reading “One Month Alcohol Free – Day 29 (minus 2…)”

One Month Alcohol Free – 3rd Weekend Accomplished…

….but feeling very antsy to go out and have some fun. Not craving drinks at home (which really is huge progress given that we used to drink at home together quite often) but fantasizing about x-mas parties and socializing, especially now that I’m boostered! We got our boosters on Sat. which made staying home andContinue reading “One Month Alcohol Free – 3rd Weekend Accomplished…”

One Month Alcohol Free – Day 13 – Sober Productivity

I finally painted my living room wall. This would never have happened if I drank the night before. It’s not just that I would have slept late or had a headache, although those don’t help of course. I don’t know the word for it – some sort of anxiety? If I’m hung over any taskContinue reading “One Month Alcohol Free – Day 13 – Sober Productivity”

One Month Alcohol Free – Day 8

Feeling so good after a week without drinking!! I would like to point something out that is subtle but very important. Going a week without in itself is not a huge feat for me. But you know what feels different than in the past? THE VOICE IS QUIETER. The Booze Bitch. Throwing a toddler tantrumContinue reading “One Month Alcohol Free – Day 8”

One Month Alcohol Free – Day 1

Seems like ages since I last updated. We were SO busy over Halloween and I drank more than I wanted to that weekend Then we found out my 90 year old grandma tested positive for covid (she is vaccinated, but still…) so on top of worrying about her, we had also been exposed (the previousContinue reading “One Month Alcohol Free – Day 1”

September Drinking Recap

Image above – my baby’s lederhosen falling down at an Oktoberfest party 5 years ago. His face kinda reflects my feeling about myself this month. Same shit, different day, really, again? I guess this is what happens when I’m only sort of trying. Consumed alcohol on 10 days in September. Every 3rd day. Gross. AContinue reading “September Drinking Recap”

Summer: Still in a gray area…

No updates lately due to not a whole lot changing. Plus summer starting and suddenly being very, very busy. Plus being generally sick of analyzing my drinking habits. So when I left off nearly two months ago, I had no PLAN other than being more mindful about alcohol and trying to say no more. HappyContinue reading “Summer: Still in a gray area…”

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