12 Days of Covid and a Happy New Year?

We are on Day 12 of symptoms now for hubs and I. The kids got over it quickly, but things got worse for us after I last posted on Day 6. Symptoms morphed from sore throats, headaches, congestion to losing our smell and taste, fatigue, brain fog, lightheadedness. It’s hard to explain and like nothingContinue reading “12 Days of Covid and a Happy New Year?”

A Covid Positive Christmas!

I got my result yesterday afternoon and it’s been a whole mix of emotions. Part relief at finally knowing, a tentative relief hoping we’ve made it through the worst of the illness, a shit ton of anxiety especially at bedtime worrying it will suddenly get worse. I went to bed early last night but couldn’tContinue reading “A Covid Positive Christmas!”

Covid as a path to Sobriety?

Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. We got ‘rona at our house for x-mas. Daughter got a positive test result Friday, along with a mild fever. The rest of us tested negative. But this morning (Sunday) hubs, myself, and step daughter all had sore throats and headaches. Went in to get tested again, expecting ourContinue reading “Covid as a path to Sobriety?”

Merry Covid Christmas…

What a week. I’ve decided to stop counting days until I reach at least Day 21 because I am just repeating myself. Last Wednesday was our TYPICAL fail at just over a week. Our neighbor has a hot tub and put up beautiful x-mas lights all over his backyard and nothing sounded better than sittingContinue reading “Merry Covid Christmas…”

Sober Day 8 – Practicing Patience

As I’ve said before on this blog, I wasn’t born the most patient person. In two regards: 1. Doing something I dislike for an extended period of time to get results that aren’t guaranteed. 2. Tolerating annoying children. (Or people in general I suppose – if I don’t like you, you’ll know it right away).Continue reading “Sober Day 8 – Practicing Patience”

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