Day 5 – Another Attempt at Moderation?

So, we drank last night. Kids were gone, Hubs had a very stressful day. We got into a long conversation about why we are doing this, what was wrong with our old drinking patterns, how we might want the future of drinking to look. Why wouldn’t a small amount once or twice a week beContinue reading “Day 5 – Another Attempt at Moderation?”

New Start! August 1st, Day 1 Sober.

We’ve had a change of plans. Friday night I was intent on not drinking, which I did not and was delightfully sleepy and ready to sleep at 11 p.m. Unfortunately hubs was busy working up until then, said goodnight to me, and went downstairs to unwind. Well I was pretty sure what that meant, butContinue reading “New Start! August 1st, Day 1 Sober.”

The Deals We Make With Ourselves About Alcohol

Yesterday was a normal day, all the kids home, somehow feeling so busy even though we didn’t go anywhere. It’s a funny thing with this pandemic, I thought we would have SO much more time, but it feels like all I can do to keep caught up on the dishes some days. The whole dayContinue reading “The Deals We Make With Ourselves About Alcohol”

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