Covid as a path to Sobriety?

Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. We got ‘rona at our house for x-mas. Daughter got a positive test result Friday, along with a mild fever. The rest of us tested negative. But this morning (Sunday) hubs, myself, and step daughter all had sore throats and headaches. Went in to get tested again, expecting ourContinue reading “Covid as a path to Sobriety?”

Merry Covid Christmas…

What a week. I’ve decided to stop counting days until I reach at least Day 21 because I am just repeating myself. Last Wednesday was our TYPICAL fail at just over a week. Our neighbor has a hot tub and put up beautiful x-mas lights all over his backyard and nothing sounded better than sittingContinue reading “Merry Covid Christmas…”

Sober Day 8 – Practicing Patience

As I’ve said before on this blog, I wasn’t born the most patient person. In two regards: 1. Doing something I dislike for an extended period of time to get results that aren’t guaranteed. 2. Tolerating annoying children. (Or people in general I suppose – if I don’t like you, you’ll know it right away).Continue reading “Sober Day 8 – Practicing Patience”

Sober Day 10 – a great weekend, then some cancer.

Last night (Sunday) I was about to sit down and write about our lovely sober weekend, how the Alcohol Brain, or drinking voice, seems to have definitely diminished, how I did workout videos and was productive and was feeling good despite the cold blustery weather and not going outside all day and missing my kids.Continue reading “Sober Day 10 – a great weekend, then some cancer.”

Sober Day 5 – Ideal Winter Day?

The first few days are always easy, I’m relieved to be taking a break from booze. Never an every day drinker (only dumping poison into my body about 3 evenings per week, then suffering a hangover another 3 days per week – not great stats on how I want to live my life!) … takingContinue reading “Sober Day 5 – Ideal Winter Day?”

Sober Day 1 – No Longer In Limbo

I cannot think of a better first day of sobriety than THE DAY DONALD TRUMP DECISIVELY LOST THE ELECTION!!!!!!! The anxiety, the waiting this week was awful. The realization that 70 million Americans could say “yes I want this man to be our leader” after seeing his behavior the past four years. It is reallyContinue reading “Sober Day 1 – No Longer In Limbo”

A Long Week (just want to be sober already…)

Monday I drank two shots of whiskey plus a small beer for no other reason than the kids were being exhausting and the booze was in the house. I drank it after they were in bed and watched an episode of Call The Midwife while hubs worked (felt very guilty about him working late whileContinue reading “A Long Week (just want to be sober already…)”

An entire year of bullsh*t attempts.

I found a notebook where I had started to document our attempts to take a break from alcohol – a whole year ago. It’s another example for anyone starting out, how important it is to write stuff down, recognize your patterns, recognize what a tricky trap alcohol can be. It certainly is eye opening forContinue reading “An entire year of bullsh*t attempts.”

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