Hating Myself

For ruining another gorgeous summer day. No matter how many “good days” I have, it does not make up For this roller coaster. For being still in this same situation. A year later, muddling. Not really changing. Having vivid dreams. My beautiful sweet husband, cheating. I feel like I don’t deserve him. I drink thisContinue reading “Hating Myself”

Epic Fail Weekend

I went to my Mom’s Saturday night, not planning to drink at all, feeling very secure in that decision. Just gonna be there to hang out for a couple hours, just got over feeling crappy after second vaccine dose (yay!), memory from last week fresh in my mind where I wasn’t going to drink thereContinue reading “Epic Fail Weekend”

Sober Day 4 – Guilty

Guilty the verdict that is, not re: alcohol, not today at least. But of course after the anxiety of waiting, seeing our city prepare for the worst, the collective outpouring of emotions after it was announced …. the Booze Bitch in my head immediately said let’s drink!!! I told her we don’t need alcohol toContinue reading “Sober Day 4 – Guilty”


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