Deciding to Quit, Compounding the Guilt

I realized a cycle I’m in last night when I was already feeling emotional (children being at their Dad’s an extra night, reading the Sunday obits, watching Call The Midwife, contemplating my own mortality and how my drinking habits may have accelerated it, the whole city feeling generally on edge about the Chauvin verdict….) TheContinue reading “Deciding to Quit, Compounding the Guilt”

Feb. Drinking Recap

Writing my recap before the month is over because I’ve already promised myself I won’t drink for the rest of the month. I drank alcohol on 7 days in February. Probably 5 of those days I regret. Thoughts about the month: Hubs has abandoned all “abstaining from alcohol” plans. I don’t blame him, we wereContinue reading “Feb. Drinking Recap”

“Dry” Dec / Jan Recap

Writing mostly to keep myself accountable. It really is interesting and enlightening to look back on how the attempts to abstain from alcohol have unfolded, how my thought patterns change. In December I drank on 3 days. One was fun, one was the day after the first day because I was very stressed and hadContinue reading ““Dry” Dec / Jan Recap”

A Sober Work In Progress

I worked a little on painting my daughter’s room this weekend. It’s been a work in progress since we moved in here 1.5 years ago. Nearly the same amount of time I’ve been actively working on changing my relationship with alcohol. And there is progress there too. Even though I haven’t even gone 30 daysContinue reading “A Sober Work In Progress”

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