August Drinking Recap

Any lofty health plans sort of fell apart this month. I drank on 14 days. Ugh. A rollercoaster of approximately 4 servings of poison every other day. I have no real excuse. I wasn’t really trying? It’s summer let’s live it up? Didn’t want to put a damper on hubs having a good time?

The pic above is my sweet baby boy at a petting zoo the day after my birthday. I was hung over but not terribly so. When I drink I usually have about 4 over the course of the night. I never feel very drunk or do stupid stuff. But usually very regretful the next day, and tired with a headache.

September will be different. I’m re-committing. I’m starting classes to become a real estate agent and although very excited and sure this is the right move for me, under the surface terrified I will fuck it up. That all the new-ness will be uncomfortable and I’ll drink to relieve that like I always have in the past and then be more anxious than ever with the hangover and feel worthless. I know this cycle. I’m determined not to repeat it.

6 thoughts on “August Drinking Recap

  1. Awesome! I know for me when I have something I want or need to complete I am more rational with my alcohol thoughts. In the beginning of wanting to get control of my drinking I really had to keep busy! I have made major progress but still can’t have it in the house if I don’t want to drink it. Not that strong yet. Your sweet boy is suuuuuuper cute! 😍 Yay for September!

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