Hating Myself

For ruining another gorgeous summer day.

No matter how many “good days” I have, it does not make up

For this roller coaster.

For being still in this same situation.

A year later, muddling. Not really changing.

Having vivid dreams. My beautiful sweet husband, cheating.

I feel like I don’t deserve him.

I drink this poison and plunge

Into a pool of paranoia and self doubt.

I need to stop.

10 thoughts on “Hating Myself

  1. Hey Kelly! Great to get that shit out here and not hold it inside. No hating yourself allowed though. You’re human like us all even if you have a cape🦸‍♀️. You are love You are love You are love. Big hugs my friend🤗🦋


  2. Lots of being very hard on yourself here. This is not easy and you are doing far better than many by even trying to address it! Keep going. Be kind and know that you can do it and will do it! 💕💕


  3. Hey you!!! You keep on keeping on, just like me! I too have my ups and downs however we never stop getting back up on that horse and riding on…..no matter the distance! ( short or long! ) I think you are amazing and so true and so relatable to me!! I value your friendship on here more than you know. This shit isn’t easy, but try not to be so hard on yourself!! We love you!! ❤️


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