I can’t handle this haircut with a hangover…

“Say goodbye to yesterday, soon we will be free. Say goodbye to yesterday, say goodbye to me.

Saturday night I got loaded. I guess that’s not surprising to you. Saturday night is here again, what am I to do?

Say goodbye to my old life, hello to the new. I’m always starting over, ’cause that seems like the best thing to do.”

-Pat McCurdy (If you know him and like him, we might be soul mates)

I’m happy to report I did not get loaded on Saturday night. But I did let hubs take the clippers to my hair and shave the entire sides and part of the back. He has never cut hair before. Resulted in a sort of punk little pony mullet and fulfilled my urge to say “Fuck It” to something.

Then I gathered my confidence, and my mocktail, and went to socialize out in the yard of our new and obviously religious (but perhaps not conservative?) new neighbors. It was a tad uncomfortable and not super fun, but I was happy I didn’t drink even though the Booze Bitch had many reasons ready to justify it.

10 thoughts on “I can’t handle this haircut with a hangover…

  1. Love the hair and well done! I also need to say fuck it to things a lot – part of what keeps me from drinking is a fuck it to the booze industry and advertising – deciding sobriety was more rebellious helped a lot! 😘😘

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    1. I love the idea that sobriety is more rebellious. It’s hard to let go of 20 years of shenanigans mixed up with booze though. Just need to remember that in between the fun stuff was lots of bad stuff though :-/


    1. I let my other ex cut my hair too, but with a scissors not a buzzer! I just hate going to the salon. I figured if I hate it it’ll grow. He did screw up and make some bald patches behind the ears that look really strange hahahaaa.


    1. Maybe try shaving a little part! It is scary but liberating and you need to get over feeling self conscious for a bit. I did an asymmetrical one time (professional tho, and not this short) and loved it.


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