Sober Day 4 – Guilty

Guilty the verdict that is, not re: alcohol, not today at least.

But of course after the anxiety of waiting, seeing our city prepare for the worst, the collective outpouring of emotions after it was announced …. the Booze Bitch in my head immediately said let’s drink!!!

I told her we don’t need alcohol to feel grateful. Instead of stopping to celebrate with neighbors who were out with beers and Justice signs on the busy street, we honked and waved and continued on with our plans to visit my grandma.

(My grandma who happens to live in the suburb where Daunte Wright was shot. Last week I had to tell her not to go out to the Dollar Store because it had been looted.)

Went to bed early after drinking tea, grateful Chauvin was held accountable, grateful our city is peaceful, grateful I did not use this historic event as an excuse to drink.

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