Sober Day 3 – Group Workouts!

Happy to say I did not drink last night. Having a group workout on the calendar helps immensely, I need more of this is in my life! It’s way different than simply “exercising with a friend”. We have all pre-paid for a 6 week session so there is nothing to arrange, and there is incentive to show up. It takes care of my social needs, outdoor time needs, and gives a huge endorphin boost.

This particular group I organized, it’s about 10 moms doing strength / cardio in the park with an instructor. What else should I consider? Right now I am thinking I need to schedule some regular tennis and yoga.

Also, there was beer in the house and as soon as the kids went to bed hubs (who has been working like crazy) cracked one. I made tea and went to bed to read. I’ve been doing this more and more and it is a change from when we’d drink together (and stay up too late and eat too many snacks) but it’s not as if we have no other bonding time. Thank you to everyone who told me over and over I need to do this on my own and not part of a “plan” with hubs, it really is easier.

3 thoughts on “Sober Day 3 – Group Workouts!

  1. Awesome job! Plus I bet you felt awesome this morning! 😃 I have been working out more, eating better and taking care of my face routine better. All this keeps me wanting to keep moving forward! I def admire you as I have it easier because my hubby doesn’t drink when I don’t ( well for the most part ) 🙌🏻


  2. Group workouts sound great. There is a group that meets with an instructor near me and I was debating going along. I might give it a go now I’ve read your post!

    Yep, I think the sobriety thing needs to be solely motivated by you and you alone. I’m a little bit the same with exercise etc. Whenever I have relied on a friend to ‘support’ me so we go together … it can be great when you are wavering and they are keen. Not so good when you feel your will power slipping and theirs is too. All too easy to persuade each other to go off the path.



    1. Yassss give the workouts a try!! I know some people hesitate because they don’t know the routine or don’t think they’re in “good enough” shape, but so many people have ended up thanking me. Even this Monday when it started snowing during out session. Hahahaaa, very funny Minnesota!

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