March Drinking Recap

(Pictured above – St. Paddy’s – one of the only days I *don’t* regret drinking in March!)

I did not meet the goal I set at the end of Feb. I drank on 8 days in March, about 5 of which I regret. An average of poisoning my body 2x per week. Too much, too much, this is not where I want to be. I’m not happy about it, but not super upset either. I’m learning. And making progress. Not so many months ago drinking 2x per week seemed like not a lot at all, it was hard to stick to that.

Now there are many more days I look forward to being sober, far fewer days I automatically drink just because the kids are gone, or because they are home and being annoying. I am more likely to think of an excuse NOT to drink than to stop off at the liquor store.

But still, I am coasting and not putting in any real work. I wrote the following at the top of my April planner and it is already helping to shut up the Booze Bitch, (As I have settled on a name for the Drinking Voice in my head).

“Am I really willing to change my life? Am I willing to put in the work and sacrifices?”

(Thank you to Dwight Hyde for those wise questions!)

For April, my goal is to consume alcohol on no more than 4 days. If I can’t manage this, I will try total abstinence in May.

XO – K

8 thoughts on “March Drinking Recap

    1. Ha, thanks. I wear it every year. You cannot really see the pants but they are shiny metallic green I got for free at a clothing swap! The shirt a friend found for me at the “dig ‘n save” …. in college.

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