Pandemic Day in the Life

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Me: 38, Hubs: 43, Daughter (DD): 10, Step Daughter (SD): 10, Baby Boy (BB): 6.5 years

7:00 – Alarm goes off. I always hit snooze twice, dragging myself out of bed at 7:20. Have never been a morning person even if I get 9+ hours of sleep.

7:50 – Finish shower, get ready to go downstairs and face the hungry children who are always up before me! All 3 are at home today, which happens several times per week. Notice that the stack of books I’m reading have a distinct theme.

8:00 – Toddler I watch arrives.

8:20 – Somehow we end up all dancing in the kitchen to “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie”. It’s hilarious and I think yeah I should document this day for my project.

8:30 – Hubs goes upstairs to work. Kids eat breakfast in here somewhere.

8:45 – The girls have their first distance learning meeting / toddler is whining because this means they can’t play with her / I do dishes and go to throw in a load of laundry.

9:00 – Toddler goes potty, which we’ve been working on for several weeks, so then she gets to watch a show. (My wreck of a family room!)

9:02 – Have exactly 2 minutes of peace before BB comes to talk to me.

9:15 – Have about 3 more minutes of peace just settling with my coffee and it’s almost what we call “poop o’clock” around here, but of course hubs and BB come back into kitchen right then. This is an almost daily occurrence. Usually I yell at them to get out and then tell them when it’s all clear.

9:30 – All clear.

9:45 – Register BB for spring baseball. (Soooo happy not everything is cancelled this summer, we’re making all kinds of outdoor plans already!)

10:00 – Clean 2 of our 3 toilets, the third will have to wait because it’s in use by hubs and who knows how long that’ll take. Toddler is entertaining herself with stickers and making a big mess on the floor but oh well she is happy and letting me get some stuff done.

10:30 – Make myself a smoothie (banana, spinach, blueberries, fresh ginger, hemp seeds, protein powder). Kids are all in the kitchen running around, hubs is downstairs (again) we talk about if we should donate to public radio, I’m texting with some friends.

11:00 – I write a quick post on here encouraging people to participate in the Day In The Life project!

11:15 – Help BB with school. The girls are on meetings most of the morning and usually good about finishing stuff on their own so that’s a relief.

11:25 – Try to logon to my health insurance website to resolve some billing stuff. Look up my password and am amused to see it’s a variation on “SuckNuts” because I hate dealing with insurance so much. Of course they have changed their logon process so I have to change my password. (But I keep a variation of “SuckNuts”).

11:30 – BB can’t find the materials he needs for his assignment, thinks he left them at Dad’s house, Hubs is on a work call and I’m trying to keep the kids quiet, I am getting frustrated, kinda the epitome of pandemic learning / working at home life.

11:45 – Everyone is back in the kitchen with me even though it’s not lunch time yet. I eat some leftover fried rice though because smoothies don’t fill me up for long.

12:00 – Toddler gets picked up. Realize BB missed his 11:45 meeting, I was just distracted and forgot.

12:30 – Get kids settled with their lunch and go to lay on the couch for a few minutes of down time. But BB always gets up like 100 times during any meal, this is no exception and soon he’s laying with me.

1:15 – Play Parcheesi with BB.

1:50 – Put laundry in dryer, make a marinade for some tofu, browse sofas online (we moved nearly two years ago with the most minimal of furniture…. we are the Slowest. Ever. at home decor but have made some progress this winter).

2:00 – BB has a “social” meeting where the kids get to play legos over video together. (omg that sounds so sad… he starts in person school April 5th, I can’t wait for him to socialize with other kids!) I call my clinic about the screwed up medical bill.

2:12 – BB gets sick of his meeting and comes back downstairs. He wants to play… but with me. I’m still on the phone. He works on bead art instead and later gets SO mad at me for taking a picture and makes me promise to delete it, which I pretend to but obviously don’t!

2:30 – Finally off phone with clinic. What a shit show. Seems like every time I have any interaction with our health care system they screw something up resulting in me being passed from person to person on the phone forever.

2:45 – Snacks for kids.

3:15 – Do 30 min. of core exercises. Not always great about fitting this into the day, but it’s the 1st of the month so of course I’m starting out strong, HA. I know some of you know what I mean though…..

3:45 – Make a salad and call my Mom.

4:30 – The kids have been playing together in someone’s room for almost a whole hour WOWWWWW it is amazing! Most likely I am finishing my (second?) lunch, screwing around on the internet, and picking up the house.

4:40 – Go for a walk to the park.

5:45 – Back from park, DD has her (virtual) piano lesson.

6:15 – Dinner. My amazing husband has set it up while I sat in on the piano lesson. He got a baguette and another fancy bread plus everything in our fridge that could possibly go on a sandwich and everyone gets to create their own. It’s really a brilliant idea because the breads are so small you can experiment a bunch and we all have a lot of fun with it.

7:00 – Clean up dinner.

7:30 – Play a little Dr. Mario with the kids on a Nintendo a friend loaned us. It’s a super fun game that actually makes you think, but having this game system in our house the past few weeks has solidified my opinion that I never want to own one.

8:15 – Bedtime for kids. We read books and then I lay with each of them for awhile. BB loves his snuggle time and always wants his back and tummy scratched. DD likes to have long discussions about all the serious things in life.

9:00 – Done with bedtime, I talk to hubs for a few minutes and putz around cleaning up.

9:25 – Ready to get ready for bed myself. Wash face, make tea, set alarm, heat up foot pack in the microwave. I LOVE crawling into bed with my warm foot pack (it’s cloth with rice inside) and reading. Another sober night for the books, it’s a good feeling. Probably turn out the lights about 10:30 and that’s a pretty typical day in my life!

10 thoughts on “Pandemic Day in the Life

  1. Good lord I was tired just reading that!! Takes me back to when the boys were small! Now they come to find me to check when dinner is ready. I kind of miss the business of those days but at the same time appreciate the space I get for myself now. 😊 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like I have the best of both worlds since they are only here part time. I get quickly overwhelmed by the business, talking, and messes. But I get breaks every few days. Don’t know how anyone is doing this full time, plus having a “real” job =(


  2. Love your dinner idea! Like Claire said this took me back to when my girls were small. ❀️ ( They are almost 17 and 18 currently ) Your a busy mom! What do you marinade your tofu in?


    1. Oh, the marinade possibilities are endless but since my taste is still at like 50% I’ve been wanting strong flavors – smoked paprika and cayenne – with olive oil, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, agave, and rice vinegar.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome! I never thought to marinade them. I put them in stir fry so there’s flavor from the stir fry but I’m going to marinade them next! Thanks!


  3. Yikes. Your day would kill me.
    I tried staying home with the kids when they were small, but I was not good at it. And there were only 2 of them! Lol

    Now I work from home, my 17 yo goes to in person school and my almost 16 yo does school from home. I support her, but am trying to encourage her to take more initiative. Slowly and gently.

    Take care!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am actually not good at STAYING home with kids either. The only reason I was a good “stay at home” mom is because I was good at planning playdates, so I could hang out with my friends. And I hated working in an office. Pandemic life was a huge adjustment!


      1. Lol
        I was good at play dates too!
        I had already worked as an engineer for 10 years when Cooper was born, so I liked my job.

        I always thought maybe if I had made more structured days I would have managed. The our nanny appeared in need to a job and a place to live and I decided to try that.
        We had 2 nannies over 14 years. It definitely made life easier. Lol


    1. Well you’re pretty much a saint then. I would be an awful teacher. This post doesn’t even begin to describe the nearly constant questions / whining / requests for food / general kid talk that is So. Draining. for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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