“Dry” Dec / Jan Recap

Writing mostly to keep myself accountable. It really is interesting and enlightening to look back on how the attempts to abstain from alcohol have unfolded, how my thought patterns change.

In December I drank on 3 days. One was fun, one was the day after the first day because I was very stressed and had a headache, one was because I was very stressed and there was a bottle of wine in the house (that I otherwise wouldn’t have drank or bought, but it was a gift).

Then I did go about 30 days without alcohol, but that was mostly because we were sick with Covid.

In the last half of January I drank on 5 days, an amount I would definitely like to reduce. 3 of the 5 days I regret. 2 happened purely because I was stressed and there was alcohol in the house, otherwise I wouldn’t have.


  1. These numbers are a definite improvement for me, as I used to struggle to keep my “drinking days” to 3 per WEEK.
  2. The vast majority of the past two months I was happy to not be drinking. Times when I had the urge or thought about it, it was much easier than it used to be to push those thoughts aside and choose a healthier alternative.
  3. Don’t keep alcohol in the house.
  4. Continue to practice better ways to deal with stress than drinking.

Hope you are all well! January is over!!! In just 6 weeks the time will change, it will be so much lighter, spring will be here. Our parents, and my grandma, have vaccination appointments! Feeling hopeful.

p.s. The pic is me trying on some snow pants my mother found at her house, that I bought at a thrift store in high school. I like to include a pic so usually just grab a recent one where my face can’t easily be identified! And ugh, I have figured out how to insert a “featured image” for a post, but cannot see how to insert additional pics into the post…

4 thoughts on ““Dry” Dec / Jan Recap

  1. Our drinking amounts for December and Jan sound quite comparable. And same for me, it was because alcohol was in the house (and often it was a gift). I can relate to this so much!! Wow you are in great shape. Love the purple colour of the snowpants!! I got an amazingly strange 70s pair this year for $1. super happy! 😸😜🀟


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