A Sober Work In Progress

I worked a little on painting my daughter’s room this weekend. It’s been a work in progress since we moved in here 1.5 years ago. Nearly the same amount of time I’ve been actively working on changing my relationship with alcohol. And there is progress there too. Even though I haven’t even gone 30 days straight without it, there is genuine overall progress. We’ve had lots of meaningful conversations about the role alcohol plays in our lives. It’s no longer a “go to” every night the kids are gone, or every night they are home and being annoying.

I drank a few times in the past couple weeks. But for me, in what seems to be different than many people’s experiences, drinking a little bit does not lead to drinking every day (or even wanting to drink every day!) or getting completely wasted. Over the months, it’s actually had more of the opposite effect – every time I do it, it’s a little less enjoyable, sort of like “what was the point of that”.

So that’s just where I’m at now, I’m sick of analyzing it.

In other news, in which there is a lesson that may be of use to someone – I ended up in the ER this weekend. My period started Friday as it normally does right on schedule, but overnight Friday it got twice as heavy as usual with massive blood clots. This was concerning on its own but especially having just had covid, which is known to cause blood clots so I was nervous about what may be going on in the rest of my body.

Saturday after little sleep I called the nurse line and they of course told me to go to urgent care. I said well what will they do for me there? (Always being hesitant to use doctors, medications, our health care system in general….) She said they would draw blood to test it. So I went, only to find out they don’t draw blood in the clinic, so I had to go next door to the ER.

Long story short, after a pelvic exam and ultrasound, they determined that aspirin was the cause of all this mess. Since being diagnosed with covid I’d been taking 81mg (tiny dose) of aspirin daily as a precaution against blood clots. It’s part of a doctor recommended supplement regimen for treating covid, also including turmeric, which I learned can also thin blood.

So the aspirin I was taking to prevent blood clots that could lead to a stroke, ended up thinning my blood to result in a massive period containing clots – which I learned are an entirely different TYPE of clot than the ones that cause strokes.

In the end, I’m perfectly healthy, thankfully. But wish I would have known what a strong effect a little aspirin could have. Be careful what you put in your bodies, ladies!!!

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