Covid Day 22 – Healing

It’s now Day 22 of covid symptoms and in the past few days we’ve finally started feeling back to normal-ish. Smell and taste are slowly returning, as is energy. I can go on a (slow) hour long walk without feeling totally fatigued. The brain fog has lessened, although hubs had a very hard time working last week. My head still starts to hurt when I get tired. But mostly I’m more grateful than ever for my health.

It’s interesting how easy it was to go through one of the most stressful (and alternately boring) times of my life without even considering drinking, because of the immediate risk to my health. But so many other times that didn’t stop me from having 4-5 drinks in an evening, even though I knew for certain it would make me feel like hell the next day.

At this point I’m just committed to healing my body completely, which seems like it can take awhile with this virus. (And then what, start drinking again only to diminish my health?) I want to do my 100 days sober at least, if I can’t do it now I’m not sure if I ever will.

Hubs admitted to me last night he’s been wanting to drink and if I would have suggested it he’d have gone along. He’s getting into the “fuck it, life is short, I want to enjoy it” mindset. Granted, alcohol wasn’t having nearly as negative an impact on him as it was on me. So I have to try to be strong and make up my mind to be ready to go my own way on this!

9 thoughts on “Covid Day 22 – Healing

  1. Hooray to feeling better! What a horrible thing to go through. Now definitely seems like the time to do the 100 days. You don’t want to put any poison in your body when it is still recovering anyway!

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  2. omg I’ve been away for too long! I am SO GLAD you are recovering and doing ok. You are going to BEAT this virus and then you’l figure out the next steps. But wow, yes this is a great reminder that our Health is so prescious ❤ xxxx big bug hugs xxx Anne

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  3. So glad you’re recovering, its sounds like such a horrible virus. Loving the photo, it’s such a lovely picture. Congrats on staying strong, these pesky partners cant half hinder us. I believe in you, yay to a 100 day challenge ♡♡

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  4. So glad you are getting better. Sorry for late response to your post. Weird times recently. I think the only way to do the sober thing truly successfully is for yourself. Support from others is crucial but reliance on someone else’s sobriety for your own is risky and I believe makes it harder.

    As Anne said above, I actually have done more, been happier overall and felt calmer in the past 14 mths sober than I ever have drinking. So yes, life is short, and I plan to live it not drown it out!!

    Stay strong xxx


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