Covid as a path to Sobriety?

Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. We got ‘rona at our house for x-mas. Daughter got a positive test result Friday, along with a mild fever. The rest of us tested negative. But this morning (Sunday) hubs, myself, and step daughter all had sore throats and headaches. Went in to get tested again, expecting our positive results tomorrow.

This week has been a blur and surprisingly busy and I’m exhausted from non-stop covid discussions, going through all the scenarios, updating everyone. Any meagre x-mas plans we had were out the window, step daughter is stuck here for at least 10 more days. It’s a bummer all around but all we can do now is make the best of it. Pounding vitamins and water, hoping it’s over soon and then life would actually free up a lot for us!

And drinking is the last thing on my mind. Except to hope when this is done I’m so protective and thankful about my health I just continue on sober. Extremely grateful that I was starting from a healthy-for-me spot, having only drank 3 days this month.

Merry x-mas everyone ❤

8 thoughts on “Covid as a path to Sobriety?

    1. So far still like a standard cold for myself, hubs, and step daughter. No coughing or shortness of breath. Covid positive daughter has mild fever for few days but is fine now. Still waiting on dang official results! They are taking 2x as long as our first tests.

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