Sober Day 10 – a great weekend, then some cancer.

Last night (Sunday) I was about to sit down and write about our lovely sober weekend, how the Alcohol Brain, or drinking voice, seems to have definitely diminished, how I did workout videos and was productive and was feeling good despite the cold blustery weather and not going outside all day and missing my kids.

Then I got a message from a friend in our close-ish circle, who I haven’t been in touch much with due to her generally crazy life and Covid. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a mastectomy in a couple weeks. We met when we were both pregnant with our little boys. We spent so much time at the park together. I am absolutely heartbroken and terrified for her, it’s hard to process it all.

In another time, this would have been a reason to drink. That sounds so selfish and pathetic. I know it’s only Day 10, but I am more committed and grateful than ever to be doing this sober thing for awhile (100 days?) If I’d drank last night I would have woken up regretful, with a worrying tightness in my chest, felt very anxious and scatter brained. Now I am calm and can be a better support to her, have more energy to help with the meal train and brainstorm other ways to help.

Any ideas, internet friends? It feels awful that the two things we’d always do – help with child care and just BEING there with her during recovery, visiting – are not options due to Covid. Cooking, porch visits, care packages – what else?

Hope you’re all well – SVM.

10 thoughts on “Sober Day 10 – a great weekend, then some cancer.

  1. omg I am so sorry ❤ This is really hard and brutal. Congratulations on not drinking – it is when we see that we can stay sober even in these extremely hard times that we can build, or rather, discover, our true strength and resiliency. I am sure you will figure out how to help (unfortunately I have no other suggestions than the ones you listed, which are great). Offering support, and uplifting stories (my ex's mom survived breast cancer 3 times and is living happily to this day), remembering to take care of yourself too. Sending love and strength and a giant hug ❤ xxx Anne

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  2. That’s so sad and I’m really sorry to hear it. I’m happy you aren’t drinking because I think then you are more in control and better placed to support and care. Just be yourself. Care and show kindness. Offer help if needed and keep in gentle touch via text. I’m sure your friend know you are there for her. Stay sober and keep going. Sending love ❤️


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That is a really rough thing to go through. It sounds like you are planning to do all the right things to support her. Hugs! ❤️


  4. Just be present for yourself and her. Meals are a huge help. When I went through Breast Cancer I lived in the country, but there was this woman who would come by once a week with enough to eat for days. She was a huge blessing. xx

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  5. I’m so sorry to read this and that’s amazing you didn’t drink, I know I’d have been seriously tempted. I know this isnt the same, but my friend has MS and is struggling with the diagnosis. I’ve been sending her silly cards and things I think she’d like (vegan brownies, cat tarot cards, hand cream). I also fundraised (with her blessing) and managed to raise around £800 for the ms charity ♡♡

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