Sober Day 5 – Ideal Winter Day?

The first few days are always easy, I’m relieved to be taking a break from booze. Never an every day drinker (only dumping poison into my body about 3 evenings per week, then suffering a hangover another 3 days per week – not great stats on how I want to live my life!) … taking a few days off is no big deal.

Today we woke up to a few inches of fresh snow and sunshine. I had three kids here but plenty of patience and energy to deal with all their needs, schoolwork, etc. Our routine has become surprisingly… enjoyable, even …. that’s coming from a Mama who hated the idea of being “stuck” home all day with kids pre-Covid. We always had somewhere to go, friends to meet.

After lunch we went sledding with some of our best friends, we are all distance learning so it’s awesome these mid-day meet ups are possible. Me and the other mom walked up and down the hill to get some exercise, such a gorgeous day where you don’t even feel the cold.

Wed. is one of our two kid-free nights per week, and also our typical drinking nights. But after I dropped my kids at their Dad’s we went for a walk, made dinner (an increasingly rare occurrence because I’m usually so sick of being in the kitchen and making/cleaning up food for the kids all day), took care of some budgeting stuff, AND did an easy 30 minute yoga video together. Ok so I can’t claim this was as FUN as riding bikes in the sun drinking beer, but it still felt good. New routines for winter pandemic life….

Speaking of new routines, I woke up already mourning the end of my Thurs. evening group workouts in the park. I’ll have to find something to occupy myself while my kids are still gone and hubs has time with his daughter. Anyway you cut it, there will be less outdoor time and less social time in the coming months, but I’m staying positive about it at the moment, at least.

6 thoughts on “Sober Day 5 – Ideal Winter Day?

  1. wowowow snow already and mid-day sledding! Sounds like a dream ! I also miss my group workout (well, yoga class). Thankfully yoga can also be done indoors and alone πŸ™‚ Sending big hugs and congrats on taking a break and setting up enjoyable new habits ❀ xxx Anne

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