Sober Day 1 – No Longer In Limbo

I cannot think of a better first day of sobriety than THE DAY DONALD TRUMP DECISIVELY LOST THE ELECTION!!!!!!!

The anxiety, the waiting this week was awful. The realization that 70 million Americans could say “yes I want this man to be our leader” after seeing his behavior the past four years. It is really difficult to put into words, to express the magnitude of my disbelief about this, the level of outrage he’s inspired so many times. It’s really just too much.

But in the end, goodness won, and that’s what matters for now. Even though Trump is still sending out fucking tweets (that immediately get flagged) IN ALL CAPS claiming that he won. The speech he gave on Saturday was quickly cut away by all major news networks (except Fox), because it is dangerous what he’s doing, so many lies.

I had been crying with relief on and off since Friday morning when Biden pulled ahead in PA, but my emotions surprised me after hearing a simple statement in his speech acknowledging the disaster of the pandemic and vowing to do something about it. Such decent and empathetic words after months of a leader blatantly lying that we were “rounding the corner” and that the virus is not a big deal.

We have a long road ahead, with the pandemic and with politics, but for yesterday we celebrated. We hung out with our wonderful neighbors, enjoyed the record setting warmth (after record setting snow two weeks ago – haha Minnesota!), took a long evening walk to get take out and saw fireworks going off in several places around the city. Watched some news, tried to let it all sink in, went to bed thankful, and sober.

6 thoughts on “Sober Day 1 – No Longer In Limbo

  1. I am absolutely delighted for you and for America. It’s been the best news and I’m so happy that awful corrupt man can no longer be allowed power to abuse and bully. Great day one and congrats for starting this journey. We are with you x

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  2. It’s been a bit like a disney movie hasnt it? With a baddie taking the throne and bewitching some of their followers. He definitely has an Ursula vibe to him (think it’s the face). What a fabulous day to start day 1. Just think you’ll always look a back and think it’s the day good triumphed over bad stuff in more ways than one ♡♡
    The next few weeks are the hardest but you’ve got this ♡♡

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  3. phew! What a relief. But yes, it”s awful to see how many people still buy into Trump’s lies. I simply can’t believe it :/ Hopefully in 4 years someone will have instilled some sense back into the country 🙂 (?????) xxx Anne


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