This week’s “sobriety” recap.

Most of this week was very good. Trying my best to stay healthy and keep a good mindset while Covid cases are rising quickly, the weather has turned towards winter (it snowed on Friday!) – severely limiting our socialization opportunities … and…. the upcoming election of course. All us Dems are very tense (I don’t speak to any Trump supporters!)

Even on Wed., our typical kid free drinking night, when it was dark and blustery and hubs was stressed from all his work and I knew he wanted to drink – my Drinking Brain was very quiet. I avoided getting into a conversation with him about it. Instead we did a workout video (which is guaranteed to boost my mood!) and made some curry and had a boring but nice early to bed night.

Friday we caved and I wish we hadn’t. Combination of kids being overwhelming, us going to vote (celebration!) and socializing late out in the freezing cold with our neighbor who is getting divorced (really depressing!). She brought red wine and it was delicious but left me with a headache the next day. (I also had a couple strong beers).

Saturday I went to a friend’s bonfire and allowed myself 3 shots of bourbon (pre-purchased in shooters otherwise I’d surely drink more!) and a little beer over about 4 hours. It was really nice and I felt sober when I went to bed, but am still a tad foggy today. Not enough to make me regret it though.

This is not exactly where I want to be, but it is better than where I was. Right now I just want to get through the election and will continue drinking minimally, but then I want to do 30 days straight sober at least. With or without hubs. Baby steps.

7 thoughts on “This week’s “sobriety” recap.

  1. I live in Minnesota, too! And a Biden supporter!
    It definitely is going to be a cold week, much colder than normal.
    We went to an outside bonfire last night, too.
    My husband and I are the only ones not drinking, but it was ok.
    I haven’t been able to moderate.
    Let’s hope for the election results we want.

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  2. Bonfires and cold weather sounds delightful, bet its absolutely beautiful by you. I think you’re doing amazing, you’re managing to moderate and you listened your drinking voice Wdnesday and did a work out. Cant wait to hear your next update ♡♡


    1. Girl, it is not delightful right now. We had a record setting snowfall on Wed (ok the kids did have fun sledding) and now it is January-ish temperatures WAY below average thru next week – I am talking negative Celsius degrees! Ruining our Halloween plans and our last few weeks of outdoor socializing. But, this is Minnesota which means we could easily see warmer temps in early Nov. and all this snow will probably melt….

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      1. That’s nuts isnt it. We havent been sledging in absolute years over this side of the pond. Sorry its ended plans early, at least its brought the snuggly period in earlier which is the best bit of winter ♡♡


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