Week 1 Sober

Just over a week in to I’ve lost count what attempt at this sober experiment. The first week is always pretty easy. I was proud of myself for not caving when RBG died, I was so upset and just wanted to sit outside with neighbors and commiserate about the state of the world.

But I ended up having a wonderful sober weekend, hosting an all day drop in b-day party for my little boy, then hosting a get out the vote postcard writing party the next day.

And then like clockwork, it is Wed., our kid free night, Day 10, and my brain is screaming “I have been so responsible, I just want to HAVE SOME FUN!!!”. Hubs is extremely busy at work and I feel guilty he’s chained to his desk all day into late evening, with none of the outlets I get during the day (nap, park outings, interaction with friends, etc…)

He says he’s feeling the same way. I say most nights I am happy to not be drinking, why can’t we find a sweet spot of just a few days per month? He says no we agreed, this is what you want, we should stick to it. He is the strong one, really. I say why can’t we amend our contract, to include some cheat days? How about 7 cheat days until the end of January? That is only 7 out of 130 days! That is 5%! I’m going to start a new blog called 5% Naughty!!!! <— I actually yelled that to him as I was on my way to go get take out, hoping he’d cave and tell me to pick up some beer.

He didn’t. I guess I’m happy about it. We’ve made it one more day. The urge to drink lessened a lot now that it is later and I’ve had some food. I think my body is so used to calories from booze and rich food (late night nachos and snacks) that it feels extra deprived now, I’m often craving heavier/greasier/more flavorful food than I would normally.

Anyway, that is the Week 1 Recap, plus a few days.

9 thoughts on “Week 1 Sober

      1. Someone (I think it was the lovely Claire or lovely Anne) that dont concentrate on restricting anything but alcohol and that worked. Then recently I’ve just cut back on sugar. I didnt realise how much sugar was in alcohol until I quit and my body craved it so bad. Xx


  1. Excellent will power and good for hubbie staying strong. Your turn to be the strong one when he has a wobble will come soon enough. You did one more day. One more day is all it takes to stay sober my friend xxx


    1. Thank you. I have more perspective this morning. I need to remember this is an experiment, to see if we feel amazing, or even a little better – either way, some good will come of it. I can always go back to drinking at a later day…. but I drank for 20 years, a little break shouldn’t be such a big deal….

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