Day 7

I have noticed a distinct pattern. The first few days are always easy, we are so optimistic about doing this long period of sobriety. But by Day 6 it starts to seem like foreverrrrr since the last drinking day. My attitude shifts to “fuck it, this is boring and pointless, I want to do whatever I want, I want to break the rules….” I want to experience all these benefits of long term sobriety, but I am not a patient person.

We didn’t drink though. Hubs had a very long rough day at work, the kids were demanding and annoying, topped off with a stressful trip to the large grocery store where people are NOT following the mandatory mask order.

In any other case I would have texted hubs how weak I was feeling, knowing he probably was too and then maybe we could decide to be naughty together. But I didn’t want to convince him, I want to do this for real this time.

When he finally finished working around 9 p.m. he told me how much he wanted beer (not to sway me, but just admitting it). And I said I know but that’s the point of this to find other ways to deal with the stress. And he said what else is there, I’ve been sitting in front of a damn screen dealing with bullshit all day. He went for a short walk anyway and felt a little better. I felt guilty, this is not even really drinking related (well I suppose in a ‘which of us is better equipped to deal with the stress way’ it is) …. but he works so hard and has so much responsibility while I basically get to lounge about with only the kids to answer to (as tiring as that can be, I do not have time to write a volume about how stay at home parenting is still “work”, but I’ve also worked in an office job and would take this ANY day). I get to nap, see my friends, sit outside in the sun, exercise…. which is amazing even if it is usually interrupted 100x by the kiddos.

Ok that was long and there is no other point to this post besides documenting Day 6 feelings! Almost done with Day 7 now and feeling strong. Thank you to all of you out there ahead of me who assure me it will get better and it’s worth it to keep going!

12 thoughts on “Day 7

    1. Yes I’ve read it and thought her obstacle course metaphor was brilliant and made so much sense!!! And then the next time I wanted a drink I promptly forgot about it! Just another example of how I need to weaken my Drinking Brain, huh?

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      1. They live in the countryside with a massive garden and have an outdoor loo. So I camp, then we can all sit outside together. Altho the bars and restaurants are all open over here. It’s pretty much back to normal apart from wearing a mask


  1. Document those feelings … I think it’s really important to do that! You are totally right that it is about breaking the psychological associations we have built around drinking and not drinking. Keep going. Day 7 is absolutely awesome 😎 πŸ‘ 😘


  2. Good on you for 7 days- it is hard, it is worth it. Remember you’re fighting years of mental and cultural programming. If your husband does crack, stay strong- sounds like you are the one who really was motivated to change- remind yourself at times of temptation who crap you felt after drinking and anticipate how great the new sober you will progressively feel πŸ˜€X

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    1. We’ve tried some…. they are ok but not the same! I think it’s more about retraining ourselves to not want it so much, getting into better habits. Takes time. Patience isn’t my strong point… but we are still going!


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