Booze Free Dreams?

I was unsure how to title this – basically, I have been having dreams about alcohol, only on nights when I haven’t had any. Mostly they are the type of mild, forgettable dream – there is beer and I’m not supposed to be having any, it’s just part of a larger dream story…

But last night. Oh, it was one of those dreams that is just FUCKED, that haunts you and keeps you awake at 3 a.m.

I had been hurt, in some sort of attack or mugging. My Ex (who is a police officer) was helping me to the station, where my beautiful hubs arrived to take care of me.

Later I found out I was the cause of it all – drunken driving the wrong way down a road. I was so ashamed and shocked, but willing to get help, ready to change. I was telling this all to a good friend when suddenly we were all two decades older. I caught a glimpse of my husband, haggard looking. I thought I was still young, that everything was fine, but she said “K, you have been together 20 years. He has moved out, but is a good person so has still been taking care of you.” I was not only a drunk, but in and out of the insane asylum. My Ex did not exist, I had made him up in my mind as something to direct my anger towards.

I suppose this is as much about booze as my past relationships. But everything is entwined, huh? Just needed to get it out before starting the weekend….

6 thoughts on “Booze Free Dreams?

  1. It’s amazing what the mind does. I keep dreaming BB is falling off something high and I can’t grab time so I watch BB fall. Havent got a clue what it means and has only happened since going sober


  2. I had a lot of dreams about booze when I first started my sober life. I’ve had a few since. Dreams are stance for sure. The other week I dreamt my husband was physically suffocating me. I couldn’t breath and he kept punching on my wind pipe. It was so bloody scary. I woke up with a jolt and couldn’t get back to sleep for ages. Use your dream to keep to focused in your sober goal.

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  3. Whoa! That sounds like something out of a psychological thriller film. I totally relate about strange dreams with booze showing up. I’ve been having plenty of those since quitting, too. Dreams are interesting. 🙂

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