No Words

Last night we had a lovely bike ride and sober visit with friends. My kids are away for a three day weekend camping with their Dad…. or so I thought.

I found out late last night that in fact he has taken them to a large indoor hotel / waterpark in a neighboring state where Covid cases are on the rise. In fact, a similar waterpark in the same city just shut down completely two days ago because of confirmed Covid cases. This is all part of a very touristy area where people are not giving a shit about safety – think indoor restaurants, arcades, etc.

I have no words to explain how unreasonable and selfish my ex is. The only people who can truly understand are people who have been with me through the whole years long saga, have heard the countless examples. All I can say is this is beyond how bad I thought he was, a whole new level. He did not hesitate to drag the kids into it, having my poor 9 year old call me to tell me “it’s fine Mama, there aren’t a lot of people here and the chlorine kills everything”. Then he tells me that I am a crazy hypocrite and this is no different than letting the kids swim in the neighbor’s (empty) pool, or taking them to a rental house where people stayed before us.

Long story short, it is 4 p.m., I’ve barely eaten, I’ve spent the day crying and trying to coordinate a safety plan with other people who will be affected (hubs daughter, ex, grandparents they live with, the toddler I nanny…) As of now the plan is the kids will stay with my ex for a week, then hubs will rent a place on his own for a week as to not expose his side of the family. This is all totally unfair and could have been easily avoided…. I do not want to be without either my kids OR husband for a week, am afraid of how I will deal (BOOZE)…. right now though, I will go for a long bike ride and get out some nervous energy….

11 thoughts on “No Words

    1. I like that mantra “fuck him and have a cup of tea”. Especially need to keep in mind after he was obviously drunken texting late at night making fun of me for having to notify other people in our “bubble” of this exposure….


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