Day 2 (Again)

Wednesday was a learning experience. The alcohol addicted brain will always try to negotiate its way into drinking again. I need to change my brain, change my thinking.

Yesterday I signed up for Belle’s 100 Day Sober Challenge. I discovered her blog Tired of Thinking About Drinking at least a year ago and it REALLY resonated with me. So many things in her first few posts I could have written myself, including thinking a 30 day sober challenge wouldn’t be so hard, only to cave on Day 9.

I also happened to find my notes from last year from when hubs and I tried a 30 day sober challenge. Three different times. Three fails. Longest we made it was 9 days. It is 9 days until my birthday. There is no way I’m starting another year with another hangover, swearing to change and then staying in the same repetitive trap.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” It’s one of my favorite quotes. Now it’s time I follow my own damn good advice.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 (Again)

  1. At some point you will need to do this yourself. At AA they say it’s and inside job (or something like that).
    People drink because alcohol is addictive, but then the underlying thoughts about it vary from person to person.

    I really like Belle and think she is super helpful. If I had found her sooner I would have done the 100 day challenge.

    In the end, I had to stop negotiating. I quit for a year. Period. No debate.

    I tried the rationalizing for a long time. I didn’t work. Hug

    Take care.



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