New Start! August 1st, Day 1 Sober.

We’ve had a change of plans. Friday night I was intent on not drinking, which I did not and was delightfully sleepy and ready to sleep at 11 p.m. Unfortunately hubs was busy working up until then, said goodnight to me, and went downstairs to unwind. Well I was pretty sure what that meant, but usually I knock off to sleep no problem.

Somehow I missed my sleep window and was still tossing at midnight and at that point was annoyed thinking he’d come in tipsy and wake me just as I fell asleep. So I went down and told him so, he came to bed, smelling like beer and trying to talk to me, then passed out quickly and starting snoring. And snoring. The loud disruptive kind.

So I finally told him to get out and sleep on the couch I was so annoyed. This is the first time that’s ever happened, usually we drink together and I sleep through everything.

The next morning I said I don’t want to do this another month, you’ve been drinking nearly every night and I don’t want to have to drink 3 beers just to be able to sleep next to you.

He was sorry and said “How about we just start today then, it is August 1st”. BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST EVER! I was so happy and felt an immediate weight off my shoulders, after making sure he was serious and really ok with this. I didn’t want to take away from any of our (his?) “last fun summer drinking days”.

But he gets it, he gets me, he is committed to this and I love him so much.

So last night I went to visit with a couple friends and brought my to go mug with my favorite mocktail. It was good to catch up, they were drinking vodka and didn’t even ask what was in my cup. I was so happy to leave and not be thinking about having another drink at home, not end the night staying up too late and snacking on the couch.

Feeling great today, I am so fucking ready for this.

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